Ah, social media—an incredible platform that allows us to connect with people worldwide and promote our products and services. It's fascinating how some individuals become Social Media Darlings while others struggle to gain traction despite their consistent posting.

So, what sets the Darlings apart from the Wannabes? The key differences lie in their social media planning and their ability to build meaningful relationships. Even when selling the same product, the approach of a Wannabe is often quite different from that of a Darling.

Let's delve deeper into this:

The Social Media Darling genuinely cares about others. She engages with people daily on social media by answering questions and responding to comments on her own posts and on others' posts in her feed. Instead of bombarding her followers with product pitches, she shares glimpses of her life. Through trial and error, the Darling has discovered which platforms yield the most engaged audiences and focuses her efforts there.

On the other hand, the Wannabe also cares about people, but her approach involves posting product photos on every available social media platform in a desperate attempt to make sales. She believes that people don't make purchases on their first exposure to a product, so she continues to talk about it. Unfortunately, she fails to notice when people leave comments or struggles to respond effectively. Additionally, she only comments on a select few posts and finds herself stretched thin across numerous platforms.

Now, let's discuss how you can refine your social media plan:

The beauty of owning your own business is the freedom to choose your own path. There are no strict rules about which social media platforms you must use, so take a methodical approach. If you're posting random photos on Instagram and receiving only a few scattered likes, consider whether it's worth your time. Similarly, if you post an article on LinkedIn once a month but have a backlog of unanswered networking invitations in your inbox, you might question the value of that platform.

First, identify where your target market spends its time and master using that specific platform. If your goal is to attract professional clients, LinkedIn might be your ticket. If you're targeting solopreneurs or small business owners, explore Facebook. If you struggle to fit your thoughts into 144 characters, don't stress about Twitter—let it go.

Secondly, remember to be social. You are more than just your business; let your followers see that. While sharing about your business is essential because it's your passion and a part of your life, also share your other interests. Talk about your trips, favorite hobbies, sports teams, movies, or television shows. Let people get to know the multifaceted you, not just the business-oriented side.

If you need further assistance, I encourage you to check out the Fresh Impact "Get It Done" Club. It's a valuable resource that can provide you with additional support and guidance.

Remember, with the right social media planning and a genuine connection with your audience, and you can elevate your social media presence and achieve your goals.

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