feature friday Natalie Yost

Name: Natalie Yost
Company Name: Natalie Jean Photography
Email: nhove5@gmail.com
Website: https://nhove5.wixsite.com/adventuretogether
Phone: (605) 222-3325
How long have you been in business? Almost 4 years!

What is your business all about? I capture peoples adventurous love stories, for them to remember forever & I make it art. Each story is so special. That goes for couples in love, families full of love, & women practicing self love. I have a heart for adventure, love, beauty & art.

What made you start your business? I bought my first camera at 13 years old, & just started taking pictures! I started with landscape then moved to portraits, then weddings. & now I do primarily weddings/elopements & portraits!

What makes your business unique?

  • I am a huge giver & it shows in my work & service.
  • I aim to always create a welcoming & empowering space for my clients to be themselves.
  • I help my clients bring their vision to life, while staying true to who I am as a photographer!

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful business owner?

  1. Passion. Be passionate about the business you want to start. Never stop wanting to learn & grow!
  2. Consistency. while passion was number 1, consistency is a very important second. we all hit dry spells & don't like specific parts of being a business owner. but you must stay consistent to reap the rewards and ultimately do what you love.
  3. Be generous. This is how you get clients that come back, no matter what good or service you offer.

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone who wants to launch their own business?  

  • Create a network of other entrepreneurs, become friends and give each other referrals! helping others is always great!
  • Don't just set goals. create step by step plan and timeline of how you will achieve them!
  • Watch other people who are doing what you want to do, learn, & adapt to be uniquely YOU! Never try to be someone else.

Who has been your greatest inspiration? Or what book has inspired you the most? Or what is your favorite book? Misty Moss is a boudoir photographer who really inspired me to break boundaries & understand I don't have to fit in a mold of what I imagine a photographer should be!

How do you conquer those moments of doubt that so often stifle or trip up or stop so many? Build a good support team that will lift you up when you feel down. & know its okay to take breaks to ground yourself.

Please feel free to share any other information that will help your audience get to know you better. Using my camera I capture love, beauty, & genuine connections. Creating memories & new perspectives for my clients.

Learn more about Natalie and Natalie Jean Photography at https://nhove5.wixsite.com/adventuretogether!

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