While Facebook is a worldwide platform, our recent case study demonstrates that Facebook is a GREAT marketing platform for the local business.

Recently, a client contacted me regarding an article that CBS news published. This article mentioned a community in which this client offers services. The client was wondering if we should share this on their company Facebook page.

As this was an informational article from a reputable news source–and that our client services offered a solution, our answer was yes!

Here are some stats from this post:

Client’s Page Likes 294

They hadn’t posted to their page for almost a year. (Which I don’t recommend–but it happens.)

We posted the article and here are the results within a week. 

14 new page likes
536 Post Clicks
89 reactions
Organic Reach 3,650 Paid Reach 2,980 

The client had numerous inquiries and sales on how the services they offer would provide a solution to the problems this news article reported.

This client is just one example of how social media can be an effective marketing tool to reach your customers. Your customers are waiting for you to offer them solutions.

Through quick action on my client’s part, their company was able to build the “know, trust, and like” factor that is so important for social media to be successful.

To be successful in social media, it’s more than selling. It’s connecting, communicating and caring!

Our goal as a social media management company is to help offer our clients innovative and creative solutions to better serve their customers. If there is anything we can do to assist you, please feel free to contact us.


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