Action Tips to Make a Digital Impact

Here are a few key ways social media can make a digital impact and help you grow your business. 


A story is much more enjoyable to follow than a marketing scheme. Let your customers into your business and maybe into your life. When you are doing business, you will stand out if you show up.  Let your client know who you are behind the scenes.  Let them get invested in you as a person.  Make sure you are having fun.

Know YOUR Audience and FOCUS On Relationships:

Social media is all about connecting with your audience on an authentic level. Understanding your current and potential customers is key to potential success.

  1. To help you do this, define your audience. Write down the details of their individual character profiles example, age, gender, interests, profession, etc. Bonus tip: Find images representing your target audience and place the images next to your computer.
  2. What is your marketing message? What are the key problems or concerns for your targeted customer? Under each customer profile, write down how you can solve these problems.
  3. Now, write down three key marketing messages you want to communicate to that audience.

BE Generous:

Start creating a tip sheet on areas of your expertise so that when you are ready to be more active on the various platforms, you will have relevant content.  Share what you know so they understand that you know what you are doing!

  • Share the content of other businesses in your industry.  Let your client know that you are willing to provide information that is for their benefit more than for your gain.

  • Build relationships.  Become the resource hub.  Engage clients so that you become the go-to person when they have a question.

  • Everything you share helps tell a story about you.  What you share shows your personality, understanding, or competence.

Start with One Platform and Have a Strategy:

It’s better to be a pro at using a few social media accounts than average at using all of them. Social media takes time and energy, which are precious resources. Set yourself up for success by starting with a manageable load. To begin with, I suggest you choose one or two platforms.

  1. Develop a strategy on what platforms would best suit your business and develop a plan of implementation so you can be consistent.
  2. Incorporating social media into your daily routine is the best way to guarantee consistency.
  3. Block out the time on your calendar, turn off all distractions, and dedicate time to managing your social media accounts.
  4. Select one or two different time slots every day.
  5. Expect to spend at least 15-30 minutes daily on social activities for the first month or two.

Link Accounts:

Don’t treat each social media as a stand-alone platform. When you develop your overall strategy, it should include a plan on how you can incorporate all platforms to achieve your goals.

  • Your website is your brand’s home base. Coordinate your social media efforts to push people to your website, where they can buy your product or service.

  • Blogging is a great way to establish your brand’s voice and share information. It’s also a valuable opportunity to engage with your site visitors and lead them through your sales funnel.

Give it Time:

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. Many times it will take at least six months before you see any return on your investment.  Building a structure of trust and reliability can never happen overnight.

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